NEW YORK CITY                                                          Theater for the New City - LES Festival of the Arts - curated by Carolyn Ratcliffe- this time presented on their online-Gallery from                 May 24- June 30, 2020                     "RENAISSANCE ALIVE-LES25"

Lower East Side Festival of the Arts 2020
Visual Arts Selections
(curated by Carolyn Ratcliffe )

Anura Thamardt

Cistus 3, 4 and & 5
Acrylic on Canvas
40 x 50 cm

PRICE:: $1,200 each


Generally, my work is influenced by the
summary of my experiences and
knowledge since childhood. People
often find a lot of variety in my artwork,
from black and white to very colorful,
from abstract to figurative. I prefer to
work in different styles and techniques
as well, from Acrylic to Mixed Media, I
love variety and my subjects are
different as well.To be flexible and to
work with a variety of media is vital for
me, because life is full of variety. In life
there are always changes, nothing
remains the same. I love and respect a
lot nature since my early childhood. My
art reflects this. My father took me
often already as a little child on trips to
collect herbs and created his own teas
for different occasions. Cistus – is not
only a beautiful flower, growing in the
Mediterranean, it's the polyphenols in
these resilient plants that contain the
antioxidants that ultimately improve
our health. Some people even say that
besides a lot of other benefits it offers
antiviral activity against viruses that
cause life-threatening diseases.