As for example every river or tree is different in shapes, colors or  age and very beautiful in my eyes

also for the human beings is my statement: - EVERYBODY is BEAUTIFUL -!  I love to paint people as they are from nature. I hope you can recognize this in my Nudes.

Serie  NUDE  - size 65 x 90 cm - Acrylic on Canvas - Prices available on request

Zwitter 1 - 3  For me is everybody beautiful, no matter if they are clearly female or male. All the differences and variety I accept and like at the human beings and I think we should be very proud on these people to be with us in their unique kind as that makes out human nature rich in variety. I compare this   for example with the flower world. How wonderful it is that we have not only roses, we have such a variety and that is so fantastic to live with. All these variety of colors and forms it is really fantastic.