Pink Jungle

Actually the same background as - Out of the Blue - works. This time in pink a also with more obvious form to identify. All works are for sale!  No. 1 available for 2100 Euro, No. 2  for  2700 Euro, No. 3  for 2100 Euro ( + shipping from Denmark )

Pink Jungle - No. 1 - No. 3 - 2017 -  35 cm x 70 cm - Acrylic on Canvas

Out of the Blue

NEW option: All works from series - Out of the Blue - are now available as limited Giclee Prints of 100 each on canvas - size 60 x 75 cm - with signature and numbered

Description: As often kids do I looked up in the sky as well to find elephants, birds, and many other images in the formations of the clouds. This and also the fascination of water was how "Out of the Blue" got started. With different kinds of blue, light and dark and afterwards let them go, let them find the forms and shapes and the end I shaped with a thin brown line forms, which looked like an elephant, bird ... the rest is up to the imagination of the viewer. My idea with these paintings is to bring a kind of playful lightness back in adult people`s life. This we can learn from our kids again. All works are for sale, excluded No. 4! Prices on request!


Out of the Blue - No. 1 - No. 5 - 2016 - Acrylic on Canvas