Dear Art Lovers, Painters,  Writers, Musicians, Dancers and Philosophers, welcome all to my new club! :-D My club is right now only on the web space, but I am planning a physical club asap! ;-) In my exclusive club I will introduce you to artist from every corner of the world. I am very much open, I do not care about their gender, skin color, education and age, I only care about their art and if they are a plus in my club and for the members. I hope you will all enjoy! Cheers! :-D :-D :-D

TODAY I am very proud to introduce you for the Premiere of my new - ART club ANURA -  to the artist Rhashid Dukes and his gorgeous , unique animal art works from USA! He  is the very lucky one to be my Premiere Artist in - ART club ANURA - ! Please send him a little note to congratulate him not only being my Premiere Artist, also for his really fantastic composition and very well chosen bright colors of his art work! :-D Rhashid about his work : "I drew the bird  because I loved the color of the regent - Bower Bird - , the gold and black. The artworks are all done in adobe illustrator. I most do animal art and love to draw animals and mythological creatures."  Each work can be ordered from him as a print on canvas or poster by about 16 inches by 22 inches . SPECIAL OFFER from Rhashid to YOU as a Premiere Treat: You are welcome to name him a price  for his prints! :-D Isn't that something? ;-)

You are very welcome to visit his websites
and via instagram  @Rtistrygraphics and can contact Rhashid Dukes directly via his e-mail or his cell phone number: 1 904 514 5014


- Bower Bird -

16 inches x 22 inches

available as prints on canvas or as a poster

Copyright Rhashid Dukes  - All RIGHTS RESEVED 2017